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We couldn’t be South Austin’s favorite chiropractor for over 30 years without making so many folks feel better! Read some of our reviews below.

Having gone to several chiropractors over the years, finding Dr. Zygmont’s office has been like hitting the jackpot. With chiropractors, acupuncturists and every sort of masseuse, herbalist, and healer abound here in Austin, it can be difficult to narrow down what’s right for you and your needs. At Dr. Zygmont’s I always feel like I’m being listened to and taken seriously.

I’m only 25, and have had many issues with my neck and migraines throughout the past few years, and was in a fairly bad car accident about 8 months ago. I have been seeing Dr. Zygmont for over a year and half now and I can say definitively that she and her staff have improved my quality of life tremendously.

When you arrive for your initial visit, they will do a series of tests on you to assess how much pain you are in and why, your strength level (don’t worry, they’re very gentle), and what the best course of action is for your recovery. This generally involves x-rays. They also get a detailed history of any accidents you might have had, ask questions about your lifestyle, and ask you what your personal goals are as far as recovery. Sadly, in my years of going to both chiropractors and general practitioners, rarely am I asked such detailed questions.

Once a course of action has been plotted out, you are offered several different methods of treatment. Besides adjustments, they also offer physical therapy, graston, acupuncture, yoga, e-stem, and ultrasound therapy, among other things – always catering to what works best for YOU.

Like I said, I was in a car accident, and all of the staff there were more than accommodating during that rough time for me. Along with chiropractic adjustments, I also started undergoing graston treatments. Dr. Erin, who usually does this treatment is incredibly skilled (and friendly, too) 🙂 I highly recommend this treatment for anyone looking to ease joint and muscle pain – it’s made the world of difference for me.

Besides that, the rest of the staff are always incredibly welcoming, and usually know your name by your first few visits. They’ve also been so helpful in figuring out how to use any and all insurance plans to the fullest (they helped me tremendously after my accident) – and also my 84 year old grandmother who has Medicare.

I highly recommend checking out Dr. Zygmont’s office for you or a loved one that might be in pain. I’ve converted several members of my family, and friends alike – this is the real deal!

… and also, as several Yelpers have pointed out, it really does smell AMAZING in there 🙂

— FM



I love this place! They are a well rounded clinic offering chiropractic, yoga therapy and rehab, acupuncture, massage and Graston technique. Everyone is very knowledgable and passionate about what they do. They are very professional and fairly priced, too! I highly recommend this business!

— KZ



I’ve had really good experiences here. Come for an adjustment with Dr. Colette, stay for Graston with Dr. Erin. The new space is beautiful and it smells great! Staff is friendly and helpful.

— JC



Colette is amazing! She truly is one of the smartest people I know, and a damn good chiropractor! Her adjustments are confident and spot on. She has a thorough approach to whole-body healing, so will suggest lifestyle changes that really do make a difference. Colette radiates vitality, so you know she walks her talk too! She just moved into a new location and it is lovely. How does she get it to smell so good?? You will love her!

— SP



Alright Yelpers, once again you steered me in the right direction. After a year and a half of putting myself through some running abuse and several half marathons and a marathon later, my joints and knees decided it was high time they got looked at.

Wow! I had no idea what to expect in a chiroprator having never been to one. First impressions were of the office itself which was very calm and soothing. Dr. Zygmont and the rest of her staff were incredibly helpful and friendly and I was pleasantly surprised to be x-rayed, adjusted (ow!), and put through a couple of treatments that my body definitely needed.

I clearly should have done this long ago as it was discovered today that my right hip was turning in and making my right leg shorter than my left which actually explains further issues I have with my running.

I will be back tomorrow to check out my xrays and apparantly for a massage too. Yay! Thanks Yelp community!

— JF



I chose Zygmont based off yelp reviews and the proximity to home/work and I’m so glad I did!

Collette is great. My very first visit with her was a little wacky and honestly I was a little worried but I quickly learned she’s just down to earth, honest, and fun. No stuffy, snooty doctor office feel here, she’s got a great manner and generally concerned about you, and the staff is amazing! They just couldn’t be any sweeter or helpful.

I haven’t been to a chiro in about 5 years and even there it was just adjustment, acupuncture, massage. But here they have those options and many more for your recovery. My back is so much better and I’m a little sad I won’t have to go much anymore.

— RP



I have a physically demanding job and lifestyle so there’s always something aching, tingling, or just plain out of whack. Never fails, I go see Dr. Colette and just like magic I am fixed. Her expertise and “bedside” manner are unmatched. believe me, I have been to other chiropracters with no relief or actually feeling worse.

— KA



I grew up with a grandfather who was a chiropractor and gave me adjustments since I was very small. I probably have a higher comfort level with chiropractors than most people. And yet, I feel anyone visiting Dr. Collette is made to feel comfortable no matter their past experiences.

I have seen her for a curvature of my spine and now am going to deal with shoulder problems. Here’s the deal: anyone bitching about her hurting them doesn’t know much about muscles. Sometimes you have to dig deep to get to the root of the problem. Yes, it can hurt, but the end result is WORTH IT!

I have tendinitis in my shoulder and she kneaded it and then took this jackhammer-like thing to it. I hope never to see that thing again and yet it pushed out the knot that was killing my shoulder. She also has this wonderful man on staff who helps with physical therapy. He has been taking the time to show me exercises and moves to help open my chest and strengthen my shoulder.

You are never just a patient at Zygmont. The staff and Dr. Collette herself care and take the time to get to know you and welcome you to their family. I never felt like this was one of those chiropractors out there just for the insurance money. Instead they want to heal you and make you feel better.

This is one of those places you walk out of smiling because of the personal attention and man it feels good to get rubbed on and have your back popped!

— AS



I love this place. The people at Zygmont Chiropractic are friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Collette gives gentle but firm adjustment. I have been a client for almost 20 years. She never hurts me and I always feel 1000 times better after a treatment. There are not enough words to express how much I love this place. Go once and you will be a customer for life. I will never get an adjustment anywhere else!

— BF



When I moved to Austin from California I was worried about finding an a chiropractor I would love as much as the one I’d had for years. I’d seen Zygmont driving by the clinic, and then met Dr. Zygmont in yoga class. I immediately liked her warm and friendly and very down-to-earth personality. Then I was in a minor car crash and needed help for my neck and back so I went to get a treatment. I was so grateful to find in Dr. Zygmont a practitioner who didn’t just go in there and start cracking me, but who spent time talking and assessing with complete attention and focus, and then used gentle massage and manipulation before adjusting me. Her adjustment didn’t hurt at all even in my vulnerable state, and immediately relieved the discomfort I’d been experiencing. I left there feeling so much better, and after a few treatments was better than when I’d walked in the first time. Since then she became my regular chiro. I go to her from everything from my chronic low back pain to occasional neck pain to wrist pain, and also for herbs and supplements for allergies, colds, and other ailments. She is extremely smart and knowledgable and I always leave there feeling so much better. She treats my husband and my 8 year old son, and every friend I have ever referred to her has thanked me and expressed the same experiences I’ve had in her hands. Dr. Zygmont is an excellent chiropractor, and a warm, compassionate and caring human being. It doesn’t get any better than her!

— LR

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